Matsuda Shota

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-rolls up sleeves-
Okay, so I dove in head first to both deviantart and elance. So far, I'm swimming in both, and feeling good.
Well, DA is no bog deal. I just hate suck-ups, so I was kind of hesitant about joining. I'm hope I'll be able to build up some work for it and maybe do commissions or something eventually. That would be fun.
I've made 2 bids on elance. One for an illustrator of animals playing instruments, and one for a women's retail site. Both of which i could easily do, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm trying to make a bunch of money, get some work going in and out so I'm not just sitting on my ass hoping and praying for turner to call me. My next thing is to e-mail Primal screen and a couple other studios and see what they say. I have to pay my car taxes this month (happy birthday to me...thanks stupid state of GA) and my aunt back for the car being fixed. i also have to get an emissions test and an oil change. fun fun. I get paid on Monday or Tuesday though, so i should be fine.

I was able to get the last sailor moon volume i needed \o/ now i have every season, all the episodes. i have the movies on vhs, so I'll worry about them on dvd later. Thats the last thing i plan on buying for a while. Tis month i want to just save and save so i can open my savings account, and start saving for my cintiq. I'm hoping to use all the money i make from elance to buy my cintiq that i want. If i could do a project every week or 2, for at least a hundred, I'd be set.

I'm excited about it.
I'm also excited about Whitney and Mike coming out to visit me for my birthday! YES! And my Saturday morning cartoon CD that I got for $1. That CD is so awesome. I used to listen to the cassette tape in elementary school.