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Not much going on. Paying bills, playing Apollo Justice and Mario Galaxy (just need 4 more satars! DAMN YOU TOY TIME GALAXY AND YOUR SHITTY PURPLE COINS!)

Gonna finish my pepper project entry this weekend. Will post when it's done


Collect Anything: I don't collect anything really. I just buy things I like and they usually come in artbook/dvd/toy format.

Have Any Gay or Lesbian Friends: Quite a few.


Been In A Fist Fight: Yes.

Considered A Life In Crime: Every day! ...not really

Considered Being A Hooker: Joe said I'm not allowed

Lied To Someone: Yes.

Been Used: for almost 2 straight yeras

Used Someone: Not that I know of.

Been In Love: Am right now

Kicked Someone In The Nuts: Yep

Been on Nope.

Stolen Anything: Probably.

Held A Gun: Many a super soaker

Cheated On Someone: Nope.

Been Cheated On: For almost 2 straight years.

Been Drunk: Not really

Passed Out: Yes, in psychology class that time we watched that movie about fineous Gauge ( i can't spell his name). Never from drinking or anything though

Been High: No.

Smoked A Cigarette: Ewww no.

Been Dumped: Yes

Skipped Class: oh so many times.

Skipped School: yep.

Made Out With Just A Friend: Nope


Mood: content

Hair: down, and needs to be brushed.

Clothing: my awesome pink with urple and white cats pajamas. Victoria Secret has the best PJs

Shoes: none on my feet.

What You Smell Like: Milk and Honey bubblebath

Thing You Smell: Rain

CD In Stereo: I have the CD from my newest issue of Paste Magazine in my computer

Girlfriend/Boyfriends Name: Joey-sillypants

Thing I Ought To Be Doing: planning the backgrounds for my pepper project entry


Color: Blue

Number: 4

Sport: Golf, baseball, tennis.

Animal: Zebras.

Drink: Vitamin water, and stuff with fragonfruit in it. Also apple juice.

Book: Memoirs of a Geisha, and the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night

Flower: Snapdragons and Daisy's

Place To Be: a few home curled up with one of many blankets, Up in New York in the downstairs with a fire going and drinking hot chocolate, In Savannah in my old room in Pulaski havingcookie time at 3 am with Whitney, In monty with everyone in the cintiq lab watching youtube videos and eating wendy's instead of working, or in the house in the catskills at the stream skipping rocks, catching frogs, and relaxing.

Theme Park: Disney. Thundermountain railroad FTW! Also Islands of adventure and Six flags.

Fruit: Apples and stawberries...neither of which I can eat.


Favorite Eye Color: Doesn't matter.

Favorite Hair Color: Doesn't matter.

Short Or Long Hair: I've dated both, so Doesn't matter.

Height: Doesn' matter, although taller is nice.

Weight: Healthy, I don't care for overweight cause it makes me worry.

Best Clothing Style: Whatever they are comfortable in.

Druggie/Drunk: No way in hell.


Smoked: No.

Been On Drugs: No.

Drank Alcohol: Yes.

Been Asked Out: No.

Gone On A Date: Not really...Patrick usually comes out with us

Gone To The Mall: Don't think so.

Eaten Sushi: can't eat seafod

Been On Stage: nope

Eaten A Box Of Oreos: nope

Been Dumped: Nope.

Gone Skinny Dipping: IT'S COLD

Traveled: nope, not cine i came back from NY


A Daydreamer: Very much so. I'm like JD from scrubs getting lost in my own head all the time.

A Bitch/Asshole: Oh, I'm a bitch alright.

Sarcastic: I dunno, am i?

Angel: Rarely.

Devil: rarely

Shy: On certain occasions, but usually no. I speak my mind.

Talkative: Depends who I'm with, and how long it's been since we last talked.