Matsuda Shota

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I've been productive lately. To a degree anyways.
I've been working on Nicole Smith's website as soon as I get her replies, so that is a plus. I really just want to finish her site and add it to my portfolio, so I can go get some work on elance that doesn't involve stupid real estate agents. I've also been a good girl and have been making care of my computer. I set up my external HD so that time machine will back up everything every hour or so. One of my Goals for later this year is to get a second HD to install into my computer. I'd rather not rely on the external to do back-ups. I've also been cleaning off my HD. I burned a lot of stuff off, and have been watching a lot of the anime Ive hoardrd away. Lovely Comples was awesome...cute, sweet and funny all at once.
Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei is hysterical. Any anime with Phoenix Wright and DBZ spoofs is win. not to mention the shower scene from psycho.
Now I'm watching Nadome Cantabile. I like music related anime. Beck was awesome, la Corda d'oro was full of bishies and silliness, and Nadome reminds me of myself, except I'm an artist, and can cook and clean better than her. Next, it'll be an olide but goodie...Chou Kuse ni Narisou, followed by catching up in the persona anime. I'm lame. For some reason I just feel the need to watch anime lately. Maybe it's cause it's relaxing. I dunno.
I'm gonna go play some pyramids.