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So, with Joey's Tax return monies, he;s going to put a lot of money toward his credit cards as well as but a PS3. I'm kinda excited, and I think I was more excited before I actually took a look at the games. My general rule for myself is I will not buy a game system unless it has at least 10 games I want on it, which is why I've almost never bought a system at launch. The one exception to that rule is if there is a zelda game on it, which would be why I bought the Wii at launch. I scanned through the list of games the Ps3 has and made my list.
Devil May Cry 4
Ratchet and Clank
Sonic the Hedgehog
...thats all thats out right now.

Later I know star ocean 4, and Kingdm Hearts 3 will be out, so yay on that. Also Final Fantasy which I have high hopes for, and just hope it's as good as the hype makes it sounds. Final Fantasy has always had a trend of dissapointing me cause fans hype it up to no end no matter if Square-Enix had a game called Final Fantasy: Gold or shit? where you would get slides of gold, and shit and make the correct selection using the X and O button. So long as there is some pretty haired girl-faced boy, they'll eat it up. I liked 10, although dragging my ass through the calm lands without a chocobo made me want to kill myself, and i somehow enjoyed X-2. Maybe it was the crack I smoked before i played, or the fact that they had cool clothes. I attempted to play both VII and VIII and was bored shitless.
ANyways, I'm more hopeful for Star Ocean 4 and Kingdom Hearts 3. Star Ocean 4 has lost it's anime style, and style-wise, has turned into Final Fantasy in space. Even so, I'll still play it because of how much I loved 3. STyle is just always a big thing for me in a game, since I'm just a visual person. Star Ocean didn't have the best style, but at least it was different from the other games like it which had all gone real. If they did another radiata stories and made it look like final fantasy, I'd cry.

Anyways, I'm very excited for Devil May Cry 4. Cheesy dialog and all. Reviews panned the bad dialog, but all i could think was..."have you NEVER played a devil may cry before? They're ALL like that! It's part of what makes it AWESOME!" the formula is...bad ass guy + awesome fighting style + horribly cheesy dialog = win.

I've heard terrible things about Sonic, but that has stopped me from playing one yet. Even sonic and the secret rings which makes me physically angry. I can't play when Joe is around, because I become irritable and nasty. I'm waiting till he goes away to visit his mom before I play some more.

I know the PS3 is geared towards adults, but so far, I think most of their library is a lot of misses for a lot of people. I'm not saying none of their games are great...but for $400-$500 for a system sporting $60 games, they'd better have more than assassin's creed, Half life (which you can play n a PC), Devil May Cry (which you can play on an xbox or PC), UT (which you can play on an xbox or PC), and the promise of some great RPG's...eventually.

The system is for Joey anyways, since he plays fighting games and stuff like that, but I was hoping by now there would be more games for me to play, considering I have something like 16 games for my wii, with Super Smash brothers Brawl on reserve. They did come out at the same time after all.

I do, however want a PSP nw that there is the promise of star ocean: Second story.