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Okay, so I made my last purchase before I clear out a lot of my debt. A little bit is fine, but due to Joe and I being jobless for a good 4 months after we first moved, I acquired a bit of debt on top of my student loans. I'd like to close out 2-3 of my credit cards, and then start saving up for a cintiq.
My last purchase was kind of funny actually. One of those..."I can't believe I found this..." moments. the moment happened back in November, but I still feel that way.
Ever since I discovered the existance of anime cels, I have wanted a certain few. Originally, I wanted a Sailor Moon cel, which quickly turned into a cel from either an attack or transformation. Somehow, I managed to obtain this. The other cel i wanted was something from Princess Mononoke (or any of the ghibli films really). haven't found one yet thats under a couple thousand dollars, so that one will wait. The other big one was a cel from the X movie. While the movie wasn't very good, the X manga, and X anime (which has no cels) were awesome. the X manga is still, to this day, a favorite of mine. There were 2 possible cels I wanted from X, both of which I thought I would never find. The first, was a cel of the beginning of the movie, where kamui is standing with the cherry blossoms falling, before everything catches on fire, and the second was a cel of oth him AND nataku from the scene of them on the roof. Well, I managed to find that first one.

Oh yeas. It's gorgeous. It's not cheap, but the X cels I kinda wrote off in the back of my head as "never gonna find in a million years".
thats pretty much the point of this update. This marks the time where I will be spending pretty much every penny I have in getting myself out of debt as well as paying what other bills I have.
Anyways, I'm gonna go watch some Noein with pat-pat and joey-face.